The Knife - Deep Cuts - 2LP (Re-Release)

The Knife - Deep Cuts - 2LP (Re-Release)

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Release Date: 20th August 2021

Out now - 20th anniversary edition on numbered magenta vinyl.

The Knife sought to imbue Deep Cuts with allusions to their socialist political ideals via the democratization of art. The duo conceived calypso-tinged electronic pop and used it to rail against ingrained structural entities such as the police state, toxic masculinity, and domestic abuse. It was a spoonful of auditory sugar to help offset the bitterness of a dark reality. Deep Cuts offered a chance for people to dance while confronting a troubled world.

Side A.

  1. Heartbeats
  2. Girls' Night Out
  3. Pass This On

Side B.

  1. One For You
  2. The Cop
  3. Listen Now
  4. She's Having A Baby

Side C.

  1. You Take My Breath Away
  2. Rock Classics
  3. Is It Medicine

Side D.

  1. You Make Me Like Charity
  2. Got 2 Let U
  3. Behind The Bushes
  4. Hangin' Out