The Knife - Deep Cuts - 2LP (Re-Release)

The Knife - Deep Cuts - 2LP (Re-Release)

€40.00 EUR was

Release Date: 20th August 2021

Out order now - 20th anniversary edition on numbered magenta vinyl.

Also available bundled with a limited edition mint, vintage and numbered original 2005 pressing of the 'Pass This On - 7"...whilst stocks last. Exclusively made available from The Knife archives, the 7" version of 'Pass This On' was performed by the band during their first live show on 8th February 2005.

The Knife sought to imbue Deep Cuts with allusions to their socialist political ideals via the democratization of art. The duo conceived calypso-tinged electronic pop and used it to rail against ingrained structural entities such as the police state, toxic masculinity, and domestic abuse. It was a spoonful of auditory sugar to help offset the bitterness of a dark reality. Deep Cuts offered a chance for people to dance while confronting a troubled world.

Side A.

  1. Heartbeats
  2. Girls' Night Out
  3. Pass This On

Side B.

  1. One For You
  2. The Cop
  3. Listen Now
  4. She's Having A Baby

Side C.

  1. You Take My Breath Away
  2. Rock Classics
  3. Is It Medicine

Side D.

  1. You Make Me Like Charity
  2. Got 2 Let U
  3. Behind The Bushes
  4. Hangin' Out